Town Clerk

Aleshia Terry, Town Clerk
Branford Town Hall
502 SW Suwannee Ave
Branford, Florida 32008
386-935-1146 (Tel)
386-935-3873 (Fax)
[email protected]

The Town of Branford operates under the Mayor-Council form of government. The Town Council is elected by the voters and in turn, the Council appoints a professionally trained individual as its Town Clerk. It is the responsibility of the Town Clerk to handle day to day operation of city business. The Town Council makes policy decisions, and votes on all legislative or quasi-judicial matters required or enabled by state or federal law. We also have a Deputy Clerk that works under the supervision of the Town Clerk and assists her with her Town Clerk duties. 

Town Clerk Duties:
By a majority vote, the town council shall hire, retain or discharge and terminate a town clerk. The town clerk is an appointed employee and shall serve at the pleasure of the town council and shall report directly to the town council; the town clerk shall attend and memorialize minutes of all meetings of the town council, shall maintain ordinances, resolutions, other legislation and other records of the town, issue licenses and permits, plan and supervise all elections in conjunction with the county supervisor of elections, attest and validate all official documents, maintain the seal of the Town of Branford, account for all monies of the town, and perform all other duties and responsibilities as directed by the town council.